Ajgaivinath Shiva temple

Sultanganj Shravani Mela 2013 : Shravani Mela is the most celebrated 30 day festival in sultanganj (Bihar) to Deoghar Badiyanath temples of Jharkhand. In 2013, Shravani Mela begins on July 23 and ends on August 20.

Current Event :
Mahashiv Ratri - 10 Mar 2013
Ram Navmi - 20 Apr 2013
Guru Purnima - 22 July 2013

Temple at Baba Baidyanath Dham

"The hoary temple at Deoghar (the home of gods) is the most important pilgrim point in Bihar that attracts thousands of Shiv devotees during the month of Shrawan (July/August), when the summer heat has just given way to the early monsoon."

The Babadham temple has been famous since 8th century AD when the last Gupta Emperor Adityasena Gupta ruled this region. During Mugal period, the temple of Babadham was under their tributory rulers. During Akbar's rule, Man Singh was associated with his court and was also attached to the Gidhaur dynasty for a long time and had contacts with a number of rulers of Bihar.

Baidyanath Dham, also known as Baijnath Dham or Babadham, is located in north-eastern Jharkhand, four miles from Jasidih railway station on the main line of the Eastern Railway from Howrah to Delhi. There is a small railway branch line from Jasidih to Babadham. The railway station at Babadham is called Baidyanath Dham. Babadham stands near the G.T. Road connecting Calcutta with Delhi.

Sanctity of Deoghar lies in its legend, Ravana who went all the way to Mount Kailash, Shiva Lanka praying for his hoe. Ravana was a staunch believer in second and worshiped Shiva Shivling mud, which soon dissolved daily pouring water on it. This prompted Ravana to ask Shiva if he went to live in Lanka. Manjusha ArtLord Shiva did not accede to Ravana's prayer but offered him one of the twelve signs of his divinity in Jyotiralinga), which would be equally effective and could eliminate the condition that the transfer should take place without interruption of the journey. On the other hand, if the linga was placed in another place on earth during the journey, remain strong in this place forever.

The other gods felt unhappy at the Jyotiralinga being tansported to Lanka which would render them powerless in their fight with Ravana. Accordingly they planned to outwit Ravana. Varuna, the god of water entered the belly of Ravana, urging him to relieve himself. Ravana was left with no alternative but to descend and befriend and old Brahamin (who was Vishnu in disguise) begging him to hold the lingam for a while. On return Ravana found the lingam lying on the ground and the Brahamin was nowhere to be seen. He was in a great rage but equally helpless as he tried hard to reove the linga from the spot but be only succeeded in breaking a piece of the top of it. This place where the jyotiralinga was destined to last for ever is Deoghar, also popular as Baijnath Dham.